Extracts from Previous Issues of Tamesis   

March 2005
Renaissance play day at Burnham by Chris Thorn
Nyckelharpa by Philip Moate
Opportunities to make music: informal crumhorn play day with Chris Thorn; Morley baroque chamber music class are seeking a viola player
Members' activities: St John's Canticus Choir on Good Friday;
Punchinello Productions 'Malade ou Imaginaire?' in April (London) and May (Thame and Blackheath)

February 2005
Circular Quiz - answers
Opportunities to make music - Renaissance singers

January 2005
Circular quiz - correction and new closing date 7 Feb 2005
Instrument thefts
Review of West Gallery Music with Peter Holman Dec 2004 by Jenny Robinson & Nicola Wilson-Smith
Review of Chalamie Summer School by Sue and Chris Benson
Playford Dance Course
Opportunities to make music:
Giltspur Chamber Choir - the 6 Bach Motets; Cantores Chamber Choir - early music in Sandhurst
Minutes of the TVEMF AGM held in Chesham on 9th October 2004
TVEMF Treasurer's Report 2004 (covering the year 2003)

November 2004
Crumhorn Playing day review
Christmas competition
Detailed review of the Rosenmuller vespers weekend with Philip Thorby complete with new Philip quotes by Jackie Huntingford
The Fretted Blasthorn revisited, reprinted from 1996
Opportunities to make music: Singers of London
Christmas Music at Christmas - plea by Michael Procter

October 2004
Obituary for Martin Kaye 1946-2004
Chairman's Report
Review of Beauchamp Early Music Course July 2004 by Jenny Gowing
Review of Cambridge Renaissance week with Musica Antiqua by Jenny Gowing
Opportunities to make music: City of Oxford Choir; London Motet and Madrigal Club
Members' Activities: Belsize Baroque

September 2004
News of workshops and the AGM from the Chairman and Secretary. Opportunities to make music: 2 Oct 2004, Litchfield, West Gallery Music with Sally Drage.
Hampstead Music Club details
Members' Activities: concert 5 October, London, Samuel Scheidt and on 28 October Pellegrina are performing in London.
Baroque ensemble need an instrumentalist

August 2004
Some tasty reviews of courses/concerts in this issue:
Charpentier/Jeffrey Skidmore/4 July workshop by Geoff Huntingford
MEMF workshop Handel/Nicholas McGegan/10 July by Norma Herdson
Concert: I Fagiolini/The Full Monteverdi/11 July by Geoff Huntingford
Visit to Foundling Hospital Museum and connections with Handel by Ruth Harris
Invitation to play crumhorns from Chris Thorn
Soprano required for Serenata
TVEMF member Clare Norburn on the Brighton Early Music Festival

June 2004
Much of this issue covers reviews and comments about the weekend with Michael Procter in May this year. Members' activities: Pellegrina. Harpsichord for sale.

May 2004
This short issue contained concert and event listings but no articles.

April 2004
TVEMF Membership distribution by county; book reviews by David Fletcher; review of Oxford Baroque Chamber music day by Victoria Helby; review of Genius of the Bach family workshop by Penny Vinson; review of Genius of the Bach family workshop by Geoff Huntingford; review of Tallis scholars workshop in Italy by Margaret Jackson-Roberts; Members' activities - The Muses Gardin, Pellegrina; non-TVEMF activities - Renaissance Singers 60th anniversary

March 2004
Editorial by Victoria Helby, and Chairman's Chat by David Fletcher; News of Members' Activities - Andrew Benson-Wilson, Belsize Baroque, Berkshire Recorder Consort, and non-members Activities - news of Pro Cantione Antiqua course.

February 2004
Comments on the Madrigal Day; small ads; performance of The Play of Daniel by The Clerks Group.

January 2004
Haiku competition - entries and results; Minutes of TVEMF AGM held 7 December 2003 at Chesham; Chairman's report; Harold Copeman 1918-2003 by John Graham; Gabrieli Galore - review of New London Consort concert by Chris Thorn; Bach Revisited - review of Feinstein Ensemble concert by Helen France; London Motet and Madrigal Club details; Members' Activities: Pelligrina; Mediva; non-members' activities - The Singers of London; Listings in Early Music Review; Instrument for sale; Music stand found.

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