Arti Fiati

cornetts & sackbuts

We are a group of amateur musicians playing cornetts , sackbuts and curtals that meets every two or three weeks in High Wycombe. We call ourselves Arti Fiati (Arts Winds) and play music from circa 1600, often from Venice but from many other places in Europe. We play instrumental canzonas but also enjoy playing vocal music, as was often done by wind players of the period.

David Fletcher david*

On Tuesday 21st March 2017, European Day of Early Music, we are holding an open rehearsal in the hall of the Church of Christ the Servant King to which you are welcome to come. We are likely to have a band of 10 cornetts, sackbuts and curtals and will be playing through some multi-choir pieces. Since this is just an informal rehearsal we will probably play each piece a couple of times in the first half, beginning at 8 pm, and then after a break we will run through them all at about 9.15 pm, ending about 10 pm. Send me an email if you think you might like to come (if you copy the email address above you will need to type the @ sign).

Lightbox, September 2010

High Wycombe, Church of Christ the Servant King, April 2016
High Choir Low Choir