Workshops and courses throughout the country and abroad
Please check details with event organisers before turning up for an event or course, as this information comes from a variety of sources which may not all be accurate. N.B. the * in email addresses has been replaced by * to defeat address-gat hering software. Information on course and event venues
2-9 Toledo Run by Singers. Spanish Polyphony and, perhaps, something a little more contemporary
Tues 4 Oxford Harp Sessions and Workshops session & workshop
Sat 8 Thames Valley EMF St John’s church, Northwood. Polychoral music by Ingegneri for singers, cornetts, sackbuts, curtals & continuo (Gareth Wilson) david*
Sat 8 North East EMF York. Lassus workshop for voices & instruments (John Dunford)
9-15 Andrew van der Beek. Monteconero Music Party. Schütz to Brahms for an invited (Patrick Craig)
10-13 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque orchestra course
Sat 15 London, The Bedford Room, 11 Bedford Square, WC1B 3RA, 11am. Try a Viol day hosted by the Viola da Gamba Society
Sat 15 Midlands EMF Richafort: Missa de profunctis for singers (David Hatcher)
Sun 16 North East EMF playing day at Burton Constable Hall
Sun 16 Trowbridge. Baroque string workshop (Alison Townley) info*
16- 22 Andrew van der Beek. Music at Monteconero. Josquin, Rore, Isaac, Pizzetti and Jackson (Joanna Tomlinson)
16-23 Regensberg. Run by Singers. Unaccompanied Renaissance week for advanced singers (David Skinner)
21-23 Knuston Hall. Italy in 8 a renaissance music tour, for singers & instrumentalists. Each session finds us in a different city, imbibing the sounds of piazza, court, or cathedral. We visit Florence, Milan, Naples, Verona, Rome, Ferrara, Mantua and Venice, and are honoured to be shown around by an illustrious delegate: Verdelot, Caimo, Gesualdo, Ruffo, Palestrina, Rore, Wert, and Giovanni Gabrieli (Peter Syrus)
Sat 22 Southern EMF Challock. Plorate, filiae Jerusalem - A day of succulently miserable motets (David Allinson) richard.j.whitehouse*
Sat 22 North West EMF Windermere. The Gabrielis in Venice for voices & instruments (Gawain Glenton)
Sat 29 Border Marches EMF Stockenny, New Radnor. Michael Praetorius Polyhymnia Caduceatrix et Panegyrica workshop for singers and instrumentalists (David Hatcher)
Sat 29 Benslow Music Trust. Natural horn day (Anneke Scott)
Sat 29 Eastern EMF Cambridge. Marian anthems from the Iberian renaissance, inc Morales, Lobo & Victoria, for singers (Will Dawes)
Tues 2 Oxford Harp Sessions and Workshops session & workshop
Sat 6 Thames Valley EMF Ickenham United Reformed Church, UB10 8BE. Lechner and Lassus for singers and instrumentalists (Peter Syrus) david*
Sat 6 South West EMF, Culmstock, Devon. Workshop for singers on Vespers in the southern European tradition by Padilla, Domenico Scarlatti, Victoria & Monteverdi (Tomos Watkins)
6-14 Germany Run by Singers. A Bach Pilgrimage in Thuringia and Saxony (Jeremy Jackman)
8-10 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque trio sonatas with Da Camera
12-14 West Dean. Intermediate recorder playing (Helen Hooker)
Sat 13 Midlands EMF Rugby. The Delights of Summer, for voices (Alison Kinder)
Sat 13 London. Platinum Consort Choral Workshops. O fiery spirit: Hildegard, McDowall, Panufnik & Ostler
14-19 Benslow Music Trust. International viol summer school
14-19 Andrew van der Beek. Ludlow summer school. 40-part motets Spem in alium by Tallis and Ecce beatam lucem by Striggio (Gabriel Crouch)
14-20 Brittany. (Patrick Allies) CANCELLED
19-21 Camden Chamber Choir Weekend at Benslow sheilamcoates3*
Sat 20 South West EMF Backwell. Kerll Requiem etc (Peter Leech)
Sat 20 North East EMF Darlington. Playing Medievally, for instruments & singers (Ian Pittaway)
Sat 20 Border Marches EMF John Sheppard & contemporaries (Gabriel Crouch)
27-3 Beverley. Recorder Summer School
28-4 Ghent Early Music Week Run by Singers (David Allinson)
28-4 Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools Early Music Summer School Baroque week. Paris versus Versailles: Marc-Antoine Charpentier & his Court Rivals (Peter Holman & the Parley of Instruments)
4-10 Beauchamp Early Music Week for singers and renaissance instruments. “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” including the 24-part setting by Annibale Padovano, and the 40-part setting by Alessandro Striggio ) (Philip Thorby, David Hatcher etc) earlymusic* (01452 668592 /01989
4-10 Highnam Hall early music summer school for singers, viols, lutes and recorders
4-11 Assisi Summer School. Pizzetti Requiem etc. Run by Singers (Nigel Perrin)
4-11 Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools Early Music Summer School Renaissance week. Les Cris de Paris: the Sounds of Court & City in 16th century France (Gawain Glenton etc)
4-11 Stonyhurst. Historical Dance Society summer school Theatre, ball and country dances and the music of the 18th century
Tues 6 Oxford Harp Sessions and Workshops session & workshop
Sat 10 Thames Valley EMF (Eduardo Sohns) details to follow
11-18 Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, Reading. Baroque Week. The Leipzig Legacy, including JS Bach, Fasch & Rosenmüller A=415 (Theresa Caudle, artistic director, Ann Allen, Amanda Babington, Clare Beesley, Steven Devine, Satoko Doi-Luck, Jane Francis and Kate Semmens) info* (01747 830625)
12-15 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque on modern instruments (Julia Bishop etc)
12-15 Benslow Music Trust. Madrigal and partsong summer school
12-16 HISS (Historically Informed Summer School) Bishop Burton College, near Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 8QG
16-18 Hawkwood College. Bach B minor mass for singers (Gavin Carr)
16-26 Consort de Dance baroque summer school
18-23 Lincoln. Run by Singers English Summer School (Nigel Perrin & Jeremy Jackman)
18 25 An Grianán, Termonfechin, Co. Louth, Ireland. Irish Recorder and Viol Course for players of recorders, viols and other early instruments, covering a wide repertoire from ancient to modern. (Ibi Aziz, Marion Doherty-Hayden, Pamela Flanagan, Emma Murphy, Philip Thorby)
21-26 Western Norway Festival of Early Sacred Music singing three evensongs and a concert. For more details see January Tamesis or contact James Reed JNMR84094*
23-25 Benslow Music Trust. Exploring music and dance in the 17th & 18th century
23-25 Oxford Faculty of Music. Musical Instrument Collectors and Collections: international conference
23-26 Hawkwood College. Hildegard von Bingen for singers (Emma Kirkby & Caitlin Matthews)
29-31 Hereford Cathedral Weekend. Run by Singers (Peter North)
Sat 31 Worcester. Come and sing early music day
Thur 5 Medieval Music in the Dales study day Troubadours and Trouveres, theory and practice (Gill Page, Sophia Brumfitt and Rebecca Austen-Brown)
6-8 Bolton Castle, N. Yorkshire. Medieval Music in the Dales
6-8 Cambridge Choral Liturgy Course at St Catharine's College (David Allinson)*
6-8 Jackdaws. Stylish Baroque for instrumentalists (Theresa Caudle & Alastair Ross)
8-13 Andrew van der Beek Jimena de la Frontera music week. Psalm settings by Byrd, Padilla, Mundy, Morales, Gibbons, Guerrero and Victoria (Patrick Craig)
9-15 Barcelona Run by Singers Tallis, Byrd etc. (David Skinner)
13-15 Cambridge, Hughes Hall. Sisters of Ferrara weekend, for women’s voices. Polyphonic choral music of convents in Italy in the 16th century, from the little-known music of Suor Leonora d’Este, Princess of Ferrara, to Josquin des Prez, Cipriano de Rore and Palestrina (Deborah Roberts and Professor Laurie Stras) friends*
Sat 14 Southern EMF Clapham & Patching near Worthing. Purcell Fairy Queen for voices and instruments (John Hancorn)
Sat 14 Midlands EMF Baroque Band day A=415 (Julia Bishop)
Sat 14 North West EMF Didsbury. Psalm settings for voices & instruments (John Bryan)
16-19 Benslow Music Trust. English lute songs
Sat 21 Border Marches EMF Clytha House near Abergavenny. Gabrieli, Praetorius and Schutz for singers (Stephen Marshall)
Sat 21 North East EMF Shadwell. Lute songs workshop for lutes, viols & voices (Jacob Heringman)
23-26 Benslow Music Trust. Rediscovering Rosenmüller A=415 (William Carslake, Theresa Caudle)
27-29 Rondo Viol Academy. Intermediate & Upper Intermediate. Divisions.
27-29 Early Music in the Marches info*
Sat 28 Thames Valley EMF Ealing, St Andrew’s Church. Works for double choir and continuo to include Singet dem Herrn by JS Bach and motets by Johann Christoph Bach and Kuhnau, for singers and continuo (Joe Crouch)
Sat 28 South West EMF Cheddar. Baroque Playing Day (Sylvia Davies & Dick Little)
Sat 28 South West EMF Bridport. Singing History (Vivien Watkins)
2-6 Run by Singers. The Glory of Venice (Colin Durrant) (booking opens in January)
6-11 Andrew van der Beek Venice music party for an invited group (JanJoost van Elburg)
6-13 Puglia Week Run by Singers (David Ogden)
11-13 Eastern EMF/Thames Valley EMF Thaxted, St John the Baptist. Biber: Missa Salisburgensis in 53 parts (soloists and continuo only on Friday) (Patrick Craig) ebsarewitz*
Sat 12 North West EMF Medieval workshop (Lizzie Gutteridge)
Sat 19 North East EMF York. Praetorius: Polyhymnia Caduceatrix et Panegyrica large-scale motets for voices & instruments (David Hatcher)
Sat 19 Midlands EMF workshop
Sat 26 Bexleyheath Southern EMF Workshop for voices and instruments (Patrick Craig)
Sat 26 Speldhurst, Kent. Renaissance flute day A=440 for up to 10 players (Clare Beesley). More details from mail*
28-31 Benslow Music Trust. The 17th century string band (Judy Tarling and friends)
30-2 Run by Singers Spanish Retreat 2, Northern Spain (not much early music)
(Peter North)
6-8 Jackdaws. Stylish Baroque (Theresa Caudle & Alastair Ross)
1-3 Rondo Viol Academy. Elementary & Lower intermediate, & Pre-formed consorts
11-14 Benslow Music Trust. Harpsichord accompaniment figuring it out (Robin Bigwood)
15-17 Benslow Music Trust. The Enchantress of Seville (Joglaresa)
Sat 16 London. Platinum Consort Choral Workshops. The Renaissance Algorithm. Canons by Josquin, Mouton & Byrd and improvised canon on Tallis: If ye love me
Sat 16 North West EMF Hoole. Byrd + (Sally Dunkley)
21/22-4 Benslow Music Trust. Consorting Viols
Sat 7 London. Platinum Consort Choral Workshops. Monteverdi Christmas Vespers from Selva morale e spirituale of 1640
Sat 7 Dorchester Abbey, Dorchester on Thames. Hodie Christus Natus Est - Christmas Polychoral Music for experienced renaissance wind and brass players (Tim Bayley of The York Waits)
13-18 Andrew van der Beek. Singing in Rome. Victoria and Morales (Justin Doyle)
Sun 15 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (Philip Thorby), followed by a short AGM secretary*
28-2 Andrew van der Beek. Corsham Winter School (Will Dawes)
16-22 Andrew van der Beek. Singing in Castara, Tobago (Justin Doyle)
Sat 22 Thames Valley EMF Keble College, Oxford. Workshop for singers and instrumentalists (Ben Nicholas) More details to follow
JUNE 2020
Sat 6 Thames Valley EMF The Lambeth Choirbook, for singers (Patrick Allies)
Sun 13 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (Andrew Griffiths), followed by a short AGM secretary* (tbc)
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