Workshops and courses throughout the country and abroad
Please check details with event organisers before turning up for an event or course, as this information comes from a variety of sources which may not all be accurate. N.B. the @ in email addresses has been replaced by an image to defeat address-gathering software. Information on course and event venues
13-19 Benslow Baroque Opera –Rameau Baroque Opera – Rameau
17-19 Ipswich. SRP National Recorder Festival
Sat 18 SWEMF Glastonbury Glastonbury. Workshop for singers (Peter Syrus)
Sat 18 North West EMF Usper (Sponga) & Bassano - workshop for voices and instruments (Roger Wilkes)
Sat 18 SWEMF workshop for singers workshop for singers (Peter Syrus)
19-24 Lacock Dartmouth Music party Dartmouth Music party. Lassus for an invited group (Patrick Craig)
24-26 Rondo Viol Academy
24-28 Recorder Courses Lyme. Trio sonatas for advanced players (Tom Beets & Joris van Goethem)
Sun 26 NEEMF Temple Newsam House playing day Temple Newsam House playing day
Sun 26 TVEMF Chorleywood. Polish music by Paccelli (1570-1623) for voices & instruments (Eamonn Dougan) jennyfrost* Postponed because of corona virus
Sat 2 SEMF Scaynes Hill near Haywards Heath Scaynes Hill near Haywards Heath. Machaut and the Magic of the Mediaeval – workshop for voices and instruments (Elizabeth Gutteridge)
4-7 Benslow Music Trust. Gregorian chant: The Joys of Singing (John Rowlands-Pritchard)
8-10 Benslow Music Trust. Fugues for fun (Penelope Cave)
8-10 Jackdaws. Singing Handel (Rosa Mannion)
Sat 9 NWEMF Lancaster Lancaster. H Praetorius/Schutz/Bianci for voices & insts (Stephanie Muncey-Dyer)
Sat 9 SWEMF Baroque Orchestra Workshop Baroque Orchestra Workshop (Michael Williamson)
Sat 9 MEMF Hail Queen of Heaven workshop for voices Hail Queen of Heaven workshop for voices (Will Dawes)
Mon 11 London, Voces8 Centre, Gresham Street EC2V 7BX. Renaissance Singers workshop workshop. Byrd: Gradualia (David Gould)
11-13 Benslow Music Trust. Advanced harpsichord accompaniment (Robin Bigwood)
15-17 Benslow Music Trust. Voices & Viols (Alison Crum & Peter Syrus)
Sat 16 EEMF Cambridge Cambridge. Renaissance Polyphony day for SATB voices (David Allinson)
Sat 16 Oxford, Merton College. Come & sing Spem in Alium (Benjamin Nicholas)
Sun 17 Thames Valley EMF/Baroque Week. Burnham. Baroque chamber music day (Peter Collier) (0161 281 2502) p.b.collier* Postponed because of corona virus
17- 22 Lacock Ambleside Music Week Ambleside Music Week. Esquivel (Eamonn Dougan)
17-24 Run by Singers. Avila Early Music Week - Avila, Spain (David Allinson)
18-21 Benslow Music Trust. Schütz, A & G Gabrieli (David Ireson, Jeremy West, Rogers Covey- Crump)
Sat 23 NEEMF Whitley Bay Whitley Bay. Baroque instrumental groups day (Rachel Brown & Adrian Butterfield)
Sat 30 Kew, London. Renaissance flute day. All players of Renaissance flutes at A=440Hz welcome for a fun day of consort playing with an introduction to playing from early notation (Clare Beesley) mail*
Sat 30 Border Marches EMF Presteigne. Byrd & his circle, his colleagues & models (Sally Dunkley)
1-4 Benslow Baroque Orchestra A Baroque Orchestra A=415: Purcell, Arne and Boyce (Oliver Webber, Mark Caudle, Oliver-John Ruthven)
5-7 Benslow Introduction to the Harpsichord Introduction to the Harpsichord: Baroque Style for Pianists (Dr Penelope Cave)
Sat 6 TVEMF Northwood URC Northwood URC. The Lambeth Choirbook, for singers (Patrick Allies) Postponed because of corona virus
Sat 13 North East EMF York. Infelix Ego – recusant masterpieces by Byrd, Tallis & De Monte (Rory McCleery)
Sat 13 Midlands EMF Handel: Judas Maccabeus (Justin Doyle)
14-21 Run by Singers. RBS 100 - Voyage to Odessa (Nigel Perrin)
Sat 20 SEMF Smarden Village Hall near Headcorn Smarden Village Hall near Headcorn. Workshop for singers (David Allinson)
Sat 20 North West EMF Cilcain. 15th century: Obrecht for voices. (Peter Syrus)
20-26 Lacock Monteconero Music Party Monteconero Music Party. ‘Songs of Loss and Regret’ for an invited group (JanJoost van Elburg)
Sat 27 South West EMF AGM & workshop (David Allinson)
29-5 Lacock Music at Monteconero Music at Monteconero. Early Latin American music (Gabriel Crouch)
4-8 Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools Woodwind Makers. Long trumpet making
Sun 5 BMEMF Three Bachs workshop for voices Three Bachs workshop for voices & instruments (Justin Doyle)
6-8 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque trio sonatas A=415 with Da Camera (Emma Murphy, Susanna Pell, Mie Hayashi)
12-17 Benslow Music Trust. International Viol Summer School l (Alison Crum, Ibi Aziz, Roy Marks, Peter Wendland)
12-17 Andrew van der Beek. Singing in Edinburgh – Renaissance music in Scotland (Rory McCleery)
Sat 18 TVEMF Polyphony workshop for appropriate instruments Polyphony workshop for appropriate instruments. Venue and music to follow (Stephanie Muncey-Dyer)*
19-26 Run by Singers. Return to Dresden (Peter North)
26-2 Cambridge Early Music Summer School -Baroque Early Music Summer School - Baroque
1-8 Barnard Castle NORVIS 50 summer school
2-8 Beauchamp Early Music Course for singers and players of Renaissance instruments, at Rendscomb nr Cirencester. “O quam gloriosum” - large & small-scale music associated with saints and sainthood (David Hatcher, David Allinson & Sue Addison) anne*, (01989 218432/01452 668592)
2-9 Run by Singers. Assisi Summer School advanced week of unaccompanied Renaissance Polyphony (David Skinner)
2-9 Cambridge Early Music Summer School -Renaissance Early Music Summer School - Renaissance
10-13 Benslow Baroque Buffet Baroque Buffet: Baroque on Modern Instruments (Julia Bishop, Sophie Middleditch, Julian Perkins)
10-13 Benslow Madrigal and Partsong Summer School Madrigal and Partsong Summer School (James Oldfield, Stephen Meakins)
15-22 Irish Recorder & Viol course
16-22 Higham Hall Early Music Summer School Early Music Summer School
16-23 Run by Singers. Cambridge Summer School (Anton Armstrong (USA))
16-23 Baroque Week summer school at Queen Anne’s School, Caversham. The Grand Tour: Italy (Theresa Caudle, Ann Allen, Amanda Babington, Clare Beesley, Zoë Cartlidge, Steven Devine, Satoko Doi-Luck, Jane Francis, David Miller, and Kate Semmens)
17-21 Beverley HISS 2020
23-28 Run by Singers. Lincoln Summer School. Renaissance Masterpieces (David Allinson & David Ogden)
25-30 Florence International Singing Programme (Caius Lee & Anthony Gray)
28-30 Benslow John Playford in the John Playford in the 21st Century (Paul Hutchinson, Karen Wimhurst)
28-30 Run by Singers. Cathedral Weekend, Manchester (Peter North)
29-5 Southern France, La Maison Verte in Roujan. Tudor Polyphony and Beyond - a choral course for 16-18 experienced singers (Eamonn Dougan and Francis Steele) anneroberts23456*
30-6 Run by Singers. Early Music Week in Burgos, Northern Spain (Rory McCleery)
4-6 Cambridge Choral Liturgy course (David Allinson)
4-6 Jackdaws. Stylish Baroque A=415 (Theresa Caudle & Alastair Ross)
Sat 5 SEMF Scaynes Hill near Haywards Heath Scaynes Hill near Haywards Heath. Workshop for voices and instruments ( Patrick Craig)
6-11 Lacock Trogir Music Week Trogir Music Week. Renaissance choral music in an ancient Venetian port on the Croatian coast near Split. (Patrick Craig)
10-13 Medieval Music in the Dales
11-13 Benslow RecorderFest RecorderFest (Alyson Lewin, Jean McCreery, Caroline Jones)
13-20 Run by Singers. Eternal Music of the Eternal City, Rome (David Skinner)
14-17 Benslow English Lute Songs Old and New English Lute Songs Old and New (Clare Wilkinson, Michael Solomon Williams, Jacob Heringman)
Sat 19 Platinum Consort workshop workshop. The Deer’s Cry: Part, Holst, Harris & Lotti
Sat 19 North East EMF York. Sisters of Ferrara (female voice polyphony) workshop (Laurie Stras)
Sat 19 MEMF Mexican Baroque music Mexican Baroque music (tbc) (Jeffrey Skidmore
19-24 Cambridge Early Music Summer Schools Woodwind Makers. Baroque oboe making (Denner model)
21-24 Benslow Music Trust Magnificat: Sacred Music by Charpentier (Theresa Caudle, William Carslake)
21-27 Andrew van der Beek. Lucca Consort Week. a week combining work in small ensembles and double choir singing Frescobaldi’s Missa sopra l’aria della monica (Robert Hollingworth)
2-4 Rondo Viol Academy
Sat 3 Border Marches EMF Shrewsbury. Workshop for singers (David Allinson)
5-7 Benslow Recorder Consorts with Consortium Recorder Consorts with Consortium5 (Oonagh Lee, Kathryn Corrigan)
6-11 Andrew van der Beek Trogir. Music from the period of the Gunpowder Plot (Patrick Craig)
9-11 Benslow Harmoniemusik with Boxwood and Brass Harmoniemusik with Boxwood and Brass (Emily Worthington, Robert Percival, Martin Lawrence)
Sat 17 MEMF workshop for instruments workshop for instruments & voices (Steve Davis)
18-23 Lacock Lewes Music Party for invited singers Lewes Music Party for invited singers (Eamonn Dougan)
18-25 Run by Singers. Transylvanian Adventure, Brasov (Jeremy Jackman)
Sat 24 BMEMF T’Arty Tunes –popular tunes of their times arranged by various composers T’Arty Tunes – popular tunes of their times arranged by various composers, for recorders players (Mary Tyers)
5-7 Blackheath. London International Festival of Early Music
13-15 Benslow The Women Troubadours The Women Troubadours (Leah Stuttard)
Sat 14 MEMF workshop for voices workshop for voices & instruments (Philip Thorby)
Sat 14 Platinum Consort workshop workshop. Immortal Fire: Britten, Purcell & Tallis
16-19 Benslow Harpsichord Workshop Harpsichord Workshop (Claire Williams)
19-22 Benslow Consorting Viols Consorting Viols (Alison Crum, Roy Marks, Ibi Aziz, Peter Wendland)
2-5 Run by Singers. Mozart Requiem at Midnight, Vienna (Nigel Perrin)
Sat 5 Platinum Consort workshop workshop. Palestrina: Mass for Christmas
Sun 13 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (Andrew Griffiths), followed by a short AGM secretary*
Sat 6 NWEMF workshop workshop (Andrew Griffiths)
Sun 12 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (Philip Thorby), followed by a short AGM secretary* (tbc)
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