Workshops and courses throughout the country and abroad
Please check details with event organisers before turning up for an event or course, as this information comes from a variety of sources which may not all be accurate. N.B. the * in email addresses has been replaced by * to defeat address-gat hering software. Information on course and event venues
8-10 Blackheath. London International Festival of Early Music
9-11 San Sebastian, Spain. Early music workshop (Adam Woolf)
Sun 11 Thames Valley EMF baroque chamber music day for players & solo singers (Victoria Helby)
9-11 Benslow Music Trust. Nuns and Roses medieval style! (Belinda Sykes)
Mon 12 Edinburgh. Musical Instruments Unwrapped conference
12-15 Benslow Music Trust. Harpsichord accompaniment: figuring it out (Robin Bigwood)
16-18 Hawkwood College. Italian Madrigals
Sat 17 Southern EMF Headcorn. Charpentier Te Deum for voices and instruments (Julian Perkins)
Sat 17 Border Marches EMF Baroque bonanza (Julia Bishop)
Sat 17 London, St Mary’s, Battersea Rd, SW11 3NA. Platinum Consort choral workshop. Cecilia Virgo. Palestrina, Guerrero & modern (Scott Inglis-Kidger)
Sun 18 Bourne End Community Centre SL8 5SX. Thames Baroque Workshops. Multi Vivaldi! Repertoire from L`Estro Harmonico. Concerto in B Minor RV 580 and Concerto in F Major RV 567 - both for 4 violins, Magnificat RV 610 Choir and Orchestra (Michael Sanderson) nherdson*
22-25 Benslow Music Trust. Consorting viols (2 or 3 nights)
23-27 Lyme Regis. Piers Adams diploma level residential course for Recorder Courses Lyme. This is a wonderful opportunity for up to 12 people to work intensively with Piers. Come and enjoy recorder playing, home cooking, wine and good company.
Sat 24 Southern EMF Cori Spezzati
Sat 24 North West EMF Christmas workshop (Alison Kinder)
Sat 24 Border Marches EMF Baroque Bonanza for orchestral strings at 440 (Julia Bishop)
26-27 London, Royal College of Music Festival of viols masterclasses, lectures & concert
Sat 1 Midlands EMF Christmas music for voices & instruments (Steven Devine)
Sat 1 Headcorn, Kent. Baroque string workshop (Julia Bishop) jennyfrost*
Sat 1 Eastern EMF Cambridge. The Anne Boleyn Music Book from facsimile (John Milsom)
2-5 Run by Singers. Mozart Requiem in Vienna (Jeremy Jackman)
Sat 8 London, St Mary’s, Battersea Rd, SW11 3NA. Platinum Consort choral workshop. A Lutheran Christmas H & M Praetorius (Scott Inglis-Kidger, Ghislaine Morgan)
Sat 8 North East EMF Skipton. West Gallery Music (Paul Guppy)
Sun 16 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (Patrick Craig) secretary*
28-2 Corsham winter school (Aidan Oliver) Andrew van der Beek
Sat 5 Midlands EMF O Lux Beata: a day of light in winter, for singers (David Allinson)
Sat 5 Eastern EMF Beccles. Epiphany Party (Philip Thorby)
Sat 12 Benslow Music Trust. Try a nyckelharpa day (Vicki Swan)
St 12 North East EMF Purcell at A=415 for singers & baroque instruments (George Kennaway)
14-17 Benslow Music Trust. Consorting Viols
Sat 19 Southern EMF Normandy Village Hall nr Guildford. Workshop with Gawain Glenton jennyfrost*
Sat 19 South Woodford, St. Mary's Church, High Road, E18 2PA (Central Line, parking nearby) Workshop for singers - Zelenka Missa Divi Xaverii (Christine Gwynn) (020 8504 1261)
Sat 19 Nottingham. Come & sing/play Zelenka & JS Bach
Sat 26 Southern EMF Cori Spezzati
Sat 26 South West EMF Glastonbury. Music of Peter Phillips for voices (Peter Syrus)
Sun 27 Thames Valley EMF Burnham. Renaissance playing & singing day (David Fletcher) tbc
31-3 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque chamber music (2 or 3 nights)
10-15 Castara, Tobago. Andrew van der Beek week for singers (JanJoost van Elburg)
15-17 Jackdaws. The City Musick (William Lyons, Richard Thomas)
Sat 16 North West EMF Portuguese music for singers (Rory Johnston)
Sun 17 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Monteverdi Vespers choruses for singers & appropriate instruments (Eamonn Dougan)
Sat 23 Border Marches EMF Bishop’s Palace, Hereford. “Hail, Queen of Heaven” Iberian music in praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A workshop for singers (Will Dawes)
Sat 23 Southern EMF Cori Spezzati
Sat 23 Midlands EMF The Lambeth Choirbook for voices (Patrick Allies)
Sun 24 South West EMF South West EMF Gloucester. The music of Michael Praetorius (Gawain Glenton)
MARCH 2019
Sat 2 Eastern EMF 1589 Florentine Intermedi (Bill Carslake)
Sat 2 Worcester, Angel Place, WR1 3QN. Renaissance Flute 10am - 4pm. A=440 (two bass flutes available for loan). Emphasis will focus on playing together in consort for the most part, though there will be sessions on technique and reading early notation and ligatures
8-10 Benslow Music Trust. From piano to harpsichord (Penelope Cave)
8-10 Benslow Music Trust. West Gallery Music (Francis Roads)
Sat 16 South West EMF Gloucester. Workshop for renaissance wind instruments (Tim Bayley)
Sat 16 Midlands EMF Selly Oak. Purcell: The Fairy Queen (John Hancorn)
Sun 17 Benslow Music Trust. From panic to poise: strategies for managing performance anxiety (Wendy Skeen)
21-24 Benslow Music Trust. LuteFest (2 or 3 nights)
Sat 23 Southern EMF Cori Spezzati
Sat 23 South West EMF West Bay. Workshop for voices & instruments
Sat 30 Border Marches EMF Presteigne. “Machaut and the Medieval”. A workshop for singers and instrumentalists, A = 440. Followed by a concert (Elizabeth Gutteridge)
APRIL 2019
5-10 Oxford, Headington School. Chalemie course. Early Music, Dance, Period Costume Making and Commedia (020 7700 4293) barbara.segal*
6-12 Monmouth. Easter Early Music Course
7-11 Benslow Music Trust baroque oratorio: Handel and Thomas Linley
12-14 Jackdaws. Singing Handel (Rosa Mannion)
Sun 28 EMF of Scotland Edinburgh. Day for singers & instrumentalists
MAY 2019
3-5 Bristol Early Music Festival
6-8 Benslow Music Trust. Advanced harpsichord accompaniment (Robin Bigwood)
10-12 Benslow Music Trust. The Harpsichord and the Hispanic
13-16 Benslow Music Trust. Lassus, the Gabrielis and Hassler (Jeremy West & friends)
Sat 11 South West EMF/Border Marches EMF Gloucester. “Portuguese Polyphony, Evora Style” Workshop for Singers (David Allinson)
17-19 Benslow Music Trust. Voices & viols (Alison Crum, Peter Syrus)
Sat 18 Thames Valley EMF workshop for singers (David Allinson) tbc
20-23 Benslow Music Trust. Gregorian chant for all (John Rowlands-Pritchard)
JUNE 2019
2-9 Toledo Run by Singers. Spanish Polyphony and, perhaps, something a little more contemporary (booking opens in January)
10-13 Benslow Music Trust. Baroque orchestra course
16-23 Regensberg. Run by Singers. Unaccompanied Renaissance week for advanced singers (David Skinner) (booking opens in January)
Sat 29 Border Marches EMF Stockenny, New Radnor. AGM workshop for singers and instrumentalists (David Hatcher)
Sat 29 Benslow Music Trust. Natural horn day (Anneke Scott)
JULY 2019
6-14 Germany Run by Singers. A Bach Pilgrimage in Thuringia and Saxony (Jeremy Jackman) (booking opens in January)
8-10 Benslow. Baroque trio sonatas with Da Camera
14-19 Benslow Music Trust. International viol summer school
28-4 Ghent Early Music Week Run by Singers (David Allinson) (booking opens in January)
4-10 Beauchamp Early Music Week for singers and renaissance instruments. “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” including the 24-part setting by Annibale Padovano, and the 40-part setting by Alessandro Striggio. earlymusic* (01452 668592 /01989 218432) (Philip Thorby, David Hatcher etc)
4-11 Assisi Summer School. Pizzetti Requiem etc. Run by Singers (Nigel Perrin)
11-18 Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, Reading. Baroque Week. The Leipzig Legacy, including JS Bach, Fasch & Rosenmüller A=415 (Theresa Caudle, artistic director, Ann Allen, Amanda Babington, Clare Beesley, Steven Devine, Satoko Doi-Luck, Jane Francis and Kate Semmens) info* (01747 830625)
18-23 Lincoln. Run by Singers English Summer School (Nigel Perrin & Jeremy Jackman) (booking opens in January)
29-31 Hereford Cathedral Weekend. Run by Singers (Peter North) (booking opens in January)
Thur 5 Medieval Music in the Dales study day Troubadours and Trouveres, theory and practice (Gill Page, Sophia Brumfitt and Rebecca Austen-Brown)
6-8 Bolton Castle, N. Yorkshire. Medieval Music in the Dales
6-8 Cambridge Choral Liturgy Course at St Catharine's College (David Allinson)*
9-15 Barcelona Run by Singers Tallis, Byrd etc. (David Skinner) (booking opens in January)
Sat 21 Border Marches EMF Clytha House near Abergavenny. Gabrieli, Praetorius and Schutz for singers (Stephen Marshall)
Sun 29 South West EMF baroque playing day
2-6 Run by Singers. The Glory of Venice (Colin Durrant) (booking opens in January)
6-13 Puglia Week Run by Singers (David Ogden) (booking opens in January)
11-13 Eastern EMF Thaxted. Biber: Missa Salisburgensis
30-2 Run by Singers Spanish Retreat 2, Northern Spain (not much early music) (Peter North) (booking opens in January)
Sun 15 Thames Valley EMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (Philip Thorby) secretary*
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