Workshops and courses throughout the country and abroad
Please check details with event organisers before turning up for an event or course, as this information comes from a variety of sources which may not all be accurate. N.B. the * in email addresses has been replaced by * to defeat address-gat hering software. Information on course and event venues
Sat 13 *NEEMF Victoria Requiem (John Dunford)
18/19-21 *Benslow. Baroque chamber music at A=415
19-21 *Hawkwood. Viol consorts (David Hatcher & Jane Francis)
Sat 20 *TVEMF Ickenham. Domenico Scarlatti: Stabat Mater for voices & continuo (Stephen Jones) michaelfbloom*
28-4 *Lacock Singing at Castara in Tobago (Justin Doyle)
Sat 3 *SWEMF Glastonbury. Schütz for voices & continuo (Peter Syrus)
Sat 3 *SEMF Consort Day at Moulsecoomb consortday*
Fri 9 Oxford, Holywell Music Room, 2-4. Workshop on vocal consort singing techniques (Contrapunctus). Free
Sat 10 *MEMF Ceremony and Devotion: Sacred Music of the Tudors, for voices (Sally Dunkley)
Sat 10 *NEEMF Bach workshop (Eric Cross)
10-11 Sturminster Newton. *Dorset Bach Cantata Club (Chris Brown)
15-18 Birmingham Conservatoire. International Recorder & Early Music Festival
16-18 *Jackdaws. The City Musick: Renaissance Music for Court and City (William Lyons & Richard Thomas)
16-18 *Dillington House. William Byrd and the Music of his Age (Roderick Swanston)
Sat 17 *EEMF Saffron Walden. Biber: Requiem in A major and Serenade ‘Nachtwächeter’ for singers & baroque orchestra, A=415. (Peter Holman) janet*
Sat 17 London, St John’s church Waterloo. The Sixteen. Come and Sing Vivaldi Gloria
Sat 17 London, St Mary’s, Battersea Rd, SW11 3NA. *Platinum choral workshop. Bach: Jesu, meine Freude BWV 227 (Scott Inglis-Kidger)
17-25 Seville. Orpheon Foundation early music course orpheon*
19-21 *Halsway Manor. Real Roots! From early music to folk music (Piva)
20-24 Lyme Regis. “Recorder Courses Lyme. Facsimile for advanced players (Philip Thorby)
Sat 24 *TVEMF Renaissance playing and singing day (David Fletcher) david*
Sat 24 *BMEMF Bartestree. Music for Lent from the New World for singers & instrumentalists (David Hatcher)
Sat 24 *NWEMF Schütz for singers & instruments (Andrew Griffiths)
2-4 *Dillington House. Viva Vivaldi: The Glories of the Italian Baroque (Steven Devine, Colin Booth & Kate Semmens)
Sat 3 *EEMF Facsimile day for singers (John Milsom)
Sat 3 *SWEMF Glastonbury. Workshop for Voices (Peter Syrus)
Sun 4 *TVEMF Amersham Common Village Hall. Samuel Scheidt for voices and instruments (Bill Carslake) d.e.butler*
Sat 10 *BMEMF Senfl & contemporaries for recorders (Grace Barton)
Sat 10 *MEMF Handel: Dixit Dominus (David Hatcher)
15/16-18 *Benslow. Lutefest
Sat 17 *London Handel Festival. “Come and Sing” Foundling Anthem. Laurence Cummings, Belsize Baroque. From 11am.
Sat 17 *NEEMF 15thC music and dance with Gaita
Sun 18 *SEMF Smarden, Kent. Handel for chorus and orchestra, directed by John Hancorn
Sun 18 Bourne End. Thames Baroque Workshops. Purcell: King Arthur for singers and baroque orchestra A=415 (Michael Sanderson) nherdson* (01628 621367)
Sat 24 *SWEMF West Bay. Lassus for voices & instruments (Frances Eustace)
Sat 24 *NWEMF The transition of music from the C14th to the C15th (Don Greig)
Sat 24 *SEMF Cori Spezzati
Sat 24 *BMEMF Senfl & his contemporaries for recorders (Grace Barton)
29-5 Easter Recorder course, Derbyshire
4-6 *Jackdaws. Singing Handel (Rosa Mannion)
4-9 Oxford. Chalemie Easter School. Early Music, dance, commedia and costume barbara.segal*
4-9 Ascot Easter Early Music Course
Sat 7 Oxford. Viola da Gamba Society AGM
9-15 *Benslow Baroque Opera: Rameau's Les Indes Galantes (Dionysios Kyropoulos, Julian Perkins, Judy Tarling, Henrik Persson, Andrew Radley). Why not stay on for the TVEMF workshop the following day.
Sat 14 *SEMF Bosham. A polychoral tour of Europe for voices & instruments (Alison Kinder)
Sat 14 *NEEMF performing day out at the Bowes Museum
Sun 15 *TVEMF/*EEMF Benslow, Hitchin. Charpentier for voices and instruments A=415 (Julian Perkins) david*
15- 21 *Lacock. Music at Gargonza (Patrick Craig)
Sat 21 *NWEMF Croce for voices & instruments (roger Wilkes)
Sat 21 *SWEMF Workshop for Renaissance Wind Instruments with Tim Bayley, Gloucester
21-28 Thoiry, France. Brilliantly Baroque course. Orpheon Foundation
Sat 28 *SWEMF Thorverton. Monteverdi Madrigals for voices (Tim Mirfin)
Sat 28 *MEMF Dominique Phinot for voices (Paul Spicer)
Sun 29 *TVEMF/Baroque Week. Burnham baroque chamber music day (Peter Collier) (0161 281 2502) p.b.collier* TBC
Sun 29 *NEEMF performing day out at Temple Newsam House
4-6 *Benslow. Harpsichord Playing with a French Accent (Penelope Cave)
10-14 Lyme Regis. “Recorder Courses Lyme. Trio sonata workshop (Saskia Coolen & Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk)
11-13 *Benslow. The Seventeenth-Century String Band (Judy Tarling, Annette Isserlis)
Sat 12 *SEMF loud wind day (Lizzie Gutteridge)
Sat 12 *BMEMF David Skinner on the Anne Boleyn Songbook
13-14 Sturminster Newton. *Dorset Bach Cantata Club (Tim Brown)
14-16 *Benslow. Advanced Harpsichord Accompaniment (Robin Bigwood)
14-19 *Lacock. Singing in Venice Victoria Requiem (Carlos Aransay)
Sat 19 *TVEMF/*EEMF Epping Hall, St John's Road, CM16 5JU (Philip Thorby) secretary*
Sat 19 *SWEMF Westbury. English rounds, catches & madrigals for voices (Venetia Caine and Clare Griffel)
Sat 19 *MEMF workshop for voices & instruments (Jamie Savan)
21-24 *Benslow. Heinrich Schütz and his Contemporaries (Peter Bassano, Jeremy West)
Sat 26 *NWEMF Franco-Flemish music inc Brumel (William Carslake)
27-1 France, Moulin de Cajarc, Cordes-Sur-Ciel Renaissance flute course (Clare Beesley) mail*
Sat 9 *SWEMF Backwell. On Will Kemp, for Voices and Instruments with Alison Kinder (includes AGM)
Sat 9 *MEMF Italian concertos for strings (Theresa Caudle)
Sun 10 *TVEMF Little Chalfont. Hieronymus Praetorius (Patrick Allies) treasurer*
10-16 *Lacock. Music at Monteconero - Weelkes, Ward, Tomkins, Deering and Ramsey (Gabriel Crouch)
10-17 Venice. Residential course for singers. “Das Hohelied Salominis” (Song of Solomon) by Leonhard Lechner 1606 and other sacred 16th/17th century works (Martin Schmidt & Frank Leenen) Details: Eberhard Dehne-Niemann - dehneniemanne*
17-23 *Lacock. Monteconero Music Party - Missa Ave virgo sanctissima by Gery de Ghersem (Erik Van Nevel)
17-24 *Run by Singers. Avila. Unaccompanied renaissance music for advanced singers (David Skinner)
Sat 23 *SEMF Canterbury. Choral workshop (David Allinson)
Sat 23 London, St Mary’s, Battersea Rd, SW11 3NA. *Platinum choral workshop. Handel: Solomon (excerpts) (Scott Inglis-Kidger)
Sat 30 *EEMF Renaissance polyphony for singers (David Allinson)
1-8 *Run by Singers. A week in Dresden (Colin Durrant)
Sat 7 London, St Mary’s, Battersea Rd, SW11 3NA. *Platinum choral workshop. Monteverdi Beatus Vir etc (Scott Inglis-Kidger)
15-22 *Run by Singers. A week in Budapest. A mix of Renaissance and more recent repertoire (Patrick Craig)
23-28 *Beauchamp early music course. Holy Week (Philip Thorby, David Hatcher)
28-4 Durham. Norvis XLVIII
29-5 *Cambridge Early Music Summer School. Echoes of Antiquity (The Parley of Instruments)
5-12 *Cambridge Early Music Summer School. The Birth of Opera (Philip Thorby & friends)
5-12 *Run by Singers Assisi Summer School. Unaccompanied Early Music masterpieces concluding with a concert in the Basilica of San Francesco (David Skinner)
12-17 *Run by Singers English Summer School, Bath. English programme concentrating on the music of Purcell and his contemporaries (Nigel Perrin)
12-19 Baroque Week at Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, near Reading. “Welcome to all the Musicians”, celebrating the influence of European musicians on musical life in 17th and 18th century England (Theresa Caudle, Ann Allen, Clare Beesley, Steven Devine, Satoko Doi-Luck, Jane Francis & Kate Semmens)
13-17 Beverley. HISS *Historically Informed Summer School
18-25 Irish Recorder and Viol Course (Ibi Aziz, Marion Doherty, Pamela Flanagan, Emma Murphy, Marion Scott, Philip Thorby) info*
24-26 Cambridge Choral Liturgy Course at St Catharine's College (David Allinson) Details from Eleanor Thompson*
27-2 Venice. Musica per San Marco. Residential course for singers. Venice-connected composers - Willaert, de Rore, the Gabrielis, Cavalli, Legrenzi etc (Edzard Burchards with Kai-Schulze Forster) schufo*
2-9 *Run by Singers. Evora, Portugal. Church Music of the Portuguese Masters - Manuel Cardoso, Duarte Lobo and Filipe de Magalhães, and sing a concert in the cathedral (David Allinson)
5-9 West Dean. Introduction to making recorders & flutes (Mathew Dart)
7-9 Discoed weekend
7-9 *Jackdaws. Stylish Baroque (Theresa Caudle & Alastair Ross)
Sat 22 *SWEMF West Bay. Workshop for voices & instruments (Matt Kingston)
Sat 22 *MEMF workshop for singers. Angels (Patrick Craig)
23-30 *Run by Singers. Sherry and Southern Spain (Jeremy Jackman)
Sat 29 *SWEMF Cheddar. Baroque Playing Day (Sylvia Davies and Dick Little)
Sat 6 *TVEMF Ealing, St Andrew’s Church. Italian music for voices and instruments (more info later) (Andrew Griffiths) CHANGE OF DATE
Sat 6 London, St Mary’s, Battersea Rd, SW11 3NA. *Platinum choral workshop. Bach: Magnificat in D, BWV 243 (Scott Inglis-Kidger)
Sat 6 *SEMF (Patrick Craig)
10-14 *Run by singers. The Glory of Venice (David Ogden)
Sat 13 *MEMF Italian renaissance music for voices & instruments (Philip Thorby)
1-5 *Run by Singers. Tribute tour of Flanders, Ghent (Peter North)
Sat 17 London, St Mary’s, Battersea Rd, SW11 3NA. *Platinum choral workshop. Cecilia Virgo. Palestrina, Guerrero & modern (Scott Inglis-Kidger)
Sat 2 *MEMF Leamington Spa. Christmas music for voices & instruments (Alison Kinder)
2-5 *Run by Singers. Mozart Requiem in Vienna (Jeremy Jackman)
Sat 8 London, St Mary’s, Battersea Rd, SW11 3NA. *Platinum choral workshop. A Lutheran Christmas H & M Praetorius (Scott Inglis-Kidger, Ghislaine Morgan)
Sun 16 *TVEMF Amersham. Christmas workshop and lunch (Patrick Craig) secretary*
MAY 2019
Sat. 11 *SWEMF/*BMEMF Joint Workshop for Singers (David Allinson)
Sat 18 *TVEMF workshop for singers (David Allinson) (to be confirmed)
Sun 29 *SWEMF baroque playing day
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