TVEMF Italian Music 6th October 2018

The development of Cori Spezzati in Venice

Downloadable music

There are links on this page to the full scores and to choral scores which is what singers will get if we provide the music, so that only one of the two or three choirs need be printed. Do not download such a choir score until your application form has been acknowledged when you will also be informed about which choir you will be singing in.

BassanoAve ReginaSAAT SAaT sTaB Full score Choir1 Choir2 Choir3
CrocePercussit SauleSATB SATB Full score Choir1 Choir2
Gabrieli,AndreaBenedicam DominumsATB sAbB abBB' Full score Choir1 Choir2 Choir3
Gabrieli,AndreaGloriaS'sAT saTT ATBB ATTB Full score Choir1 Choir2 Choir3 Choir4
Gabrieli,GiovanniBenedictus es DominusATTB' S'sAT' Full score Choir1 Choir2
Gabrieli,GiovanniO Jesu mi dulcissimeSATB,SaTB Full score Choir1 Choir2
Gabrieli,GiovanniSanctusS'SAA TbBB' ATTB Full score Choir1 Choir2 Choir3
MeruloDeus noster refugiumSsAT aTTB Full score Choir1 Choir2
WillaertLaudate pueri dominumSaTB SATB Full score Choir1 Choir2
Apologies: the following piece was briefly in the list but will not be included in the workshop
Gabrieli,GiovanniAmor dove mi guidiSATB,SATB,SATB Full score
   Voicing key:
   S' line too high for soprano voices
   S normal soprano
   s soprano/alto
   A alto, treble clef
   a alto octave treble clef
   T tenor in octave treble clef
   b baritone in octave treble clef
   B bass
   B' too low for bass voices

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